Art at the beach

Facebook and Pintrest have so many great stimulating ideas for art work. If you are not an arty / crafty parent and find yourself homeschooling at the moment, the idea of paint, glitter or play dough can turn your skin cold and your heart racing!
A great idea is to get messy outside!

So much less clearing up. So many free materials. So few inputs from parents needed.

There is a great artist famous for using rocks to make installations on the sand. There have been loads of Facebook posts circluating with incredible inages of his work.

Now that we are locked down, our local beach is one of the few places we can walk to and not encounter anyone else.

We took an afternoon this week to create some art work of our own inspired by his work. We collected flotsam, jetsam and rocks to create this giant flower on the sand banks.

Similar can be created in the style of Anthony Gormley in woodlands or meadows should you not be fortunate enough to be near the beach where you are.

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