Wind force and direction

If you have been reading the other home schooling posts then you will know that we are currently in lockdown here in Sicily, fortunately on a campsite next to a beach.

A lot of our home learning focuses on mathematics and English. However the seaside does give us plenty of opportunities for some child led learning science.

The wind here on the South Coast of Sicily can be pretty strong.

We went back to see our stone sculpture the day after we completed it and the girls were fascinated by how much the sand was covering the rocks. Freya’s hypothesis was initially that someone had deliberately covered the artwork with sand. Upon further questioning she reconsidered once she had spotted some of the other nearby rocks and the effect the wind had had on them.

To test our new theory, we went about setting up some additional rocks, flotsam and jetsam around the sculpture directly in the line of the wind to see what happened over time.

When we returned the next day we could clearly see the wind force and direction that had been at play over night. The rocks, wood and other debris made beautiful patterns in the sand. We could see where the structures had sheltered the sand behind them, and the shapes that had been carved out of the surrounding sand by the subsequent airstream. Both beautiful, and scientifically fascinating!

Depending on your location you may be able to adapt this experiment to other natural forces? I think similar experiments could be done using rainwater pouring our of guttering into sand / mud or stones?

Hope you can find a way to have a go!

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