Reading for purpose

Following the winds of the past few days we have had some new visitors on our beach. These small blue ovals with transparent ‘wings’ have been washed all the way up the shoreline.

At first, we thought they were some form of litter or pollutant. But, when we put on our ‘science eyes’ we could see that they were not man made.

Enter Google Lens – if you have the Google App on your iPhone like me, and you have installed the update, you should see a new option inside the question box. It is in the shape of a square with a dot in the middle – this is Google Lens.

We opened the App and selected ‘camera’ which allowed us to take a photo of the creatures to search with. Google Lens then searches the internet for similar images allowing you to (hopefully) identify what ever it is you are looking at.

We discovered that the small blue creatures are ‘Blue Sail Jellyfish’. They don’t have tentacles and instead use the sail on the top of their bodies to follow the wind patterns on the surface of the sea – fascinating! Freya read the different websites with great enthusiasm deciphering some pretty challenging scientific language.

The girls are now back into their marine biology unit of study (a previous learning focus for us) the books are back out and our ‘Encyclopedia of Life’ has taken up its rightful space on the front window ledge. We are off on another child initiated unit, probably with a focus on rock pools thanks to an incidental discovery and Google Lens research 🙂

Have a go next time one of your children asks you. ‘Whats that?’ and see where it leads you!

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