Early writing skills

Felicity turned two in October. As the third child in the family that is home schooling, it is fair to say that she is often a distraction rather than a focus when lessons are taking place.

Fortunately, one of the incidental effects of being the third child is that she copies what her sisters are doing constantly. So, rather than always keeping her away from lessons when they are taking place, we try to incorporate her in some way to keep her busy.

Felicity is therefore subjected to content that is clearly far beyond her developmental stage. This has had some unexpected effects. Fliss now confidently counts, two weeks ago it was 1,2,3,4,9, last week it was 1 – 10, then sometimes, and most amusingly, sometimes 8,9,10, yellow, green. But, this week she is consistently accurate 1-20!

In addition, letting her have her own whiteboard and pen when we are doing calculations, draft writing, handwriting practice etc has meant she has independently developed her tripod grip.

Finally, much to my delight, this week rather than asking me to draw ‘Daddy Pig’ 150 times a day, she took up the pen and started to accurately depict a figure…

So, despite the occasional frustrations, interrupts and inexhaustible renditions of ‘Twinkle, winkle, wittle star’ it would seem that the multi-age home school classroom can be self differentiated to meet all ages, if you just let the little ones join in?

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