Yoga – 30 minutes peace

When you are homeschooling it is so important to plan in breaks – for YOU as well as for the kids!
We were introduced to Cosmic Kids, a YouTube channel and now App by one of the teachers in Texas and have been firm supporters ever since.

The girls get to choose a break activity once they have finished each session of learning, we have a selection of activities (and use one of those folded paper decisions makers that you had at school) and they choose from the ‘approved’ selection a couple of times a day.

One of their firm favourites is Cosmic Kids.

Jamie, the yoga instructor, uses traditional tales, modern day classics and ficitonal creatures to design yoga stories that get the children moving into and out of yoga poses as part of the tales.

It is completely screen based and guided sessions which means, as parents, you can either join in and get your work out for the day clocked, or….. can have a cuppa and watch from a distance as the kids try to move into a tree pose or downward dog while looking for Jack’s Giant or closing treasure chest. Brilliant!

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