Experimenting at home -science in a small space

Freya and I have been working on a ‘plants’ project this week and have had a great time learning together. In one of our books we found a super simple soil experiment that we decided to do.

‘Everyday Science’ from Barron’s publisher and Usborne’s 100 Science Experiments are the two books that we brought with us in the caravan. The girls often browse through them looking for inspiration and we use them for investigation ideas.

Knowing that there was some wet weather coming we started the investigation a day early and we collected three soil samples from different areas behind the campsite:

1 – the meadow, predominantly grasses and flowers

2 – under a bush where there was no ground cover

3 – near the beach where there were a couple of plants growing

We talked about how experiments are carried out and the process that we go through to document them before starting to follow the suggested process in the book.

Freya Flossy and I put the samples in jars and shook them to mix them with water. They were then left to settle for about an hour while we wrote up our:

  • equipment list
  • method
  • headings for results and conclusion

We then had a look at the jars and visually compared the levels of sand, silt, clay and hummus evident from the three samples. Finally Freya drew some conclusions about the amount of hummus impacting on the amount of plants growing. A great morning of learning, recording and experimenting with very little equipment or mess!

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