Independent learning on the iPad

When you are tasked with home schooling because of the current Coronavirus outbreak, the haze, sickness or any manner of other reasons, it is such a challenge to balance the chores of life with child supervision.

At school, children seem to be able to engage and concentrate with the task at hand with little or no intervention from adults, or so it seems. Yet at home, they appear to require constant nudging and refocusing to keep them on task.

All you want to do is get that load of laundry on, or finish the washing up, or get the gas bill paid, yet the very second you are not sat beside them they are off task, off the chair and off out the door.

While we do not have a TV and the children don’t have any technology of their own, we do have a family iPad. One of the decisions we made when we embarked on home schooling was to support our one to one progams with some age appropriate software to keep both us and the kids on track for age related expectations.

One of the great benefits of being away from technology the majority of the time is that it really leads to great engagement when the iPads are offered up for use.

We use Nessy for spelling and reading, and Mathletics for maths.

These programs, once the kids are logged on and engaged, usually allow us to do some intensive one on one teaching with the other child with out (too many) interruptions.

If your school does not have subscriptions to one or both of these, they are available to buy as a parent and can really help you understand what your child should be able to do at their age in key competency areas – they also show you how to teach some reading / spelling skills for example that may be completely alien to you!

You can sign up for a free trial which may help over the coming weeks as your find yourself at home with the kids feeling completely unqualified for the task (and with a long ‘to do’ list to complete!)

Hope you find them helpful.



For Home Users

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