Big girl writing

Flossy is five, (just this week) and she has an extraordinary vocabulary, mainly because all she ever wants to do is role-play with her older sister or have books read to her.

Her ideas are phenomenal and she has a natural story telling ability – she is however still only just five, so her writing ability cannot possibly keep up with her brain.

After reteaching Freya how to write in a cursive script, undoing years of bad habits, we started Flossy immediately on cursive writing. She enjoys the ‘art’ of handwriting and is happy to make the shapes and patterns in her handwriting book.

When is comes to writing for a purpose however, she gets very quickly frustrated as her skills don’t match up with her ideas.

One way we have found to get round this, is ‘big girl writing. This consists of Flossy telling us what she wants to write, and us writing it in pencil in her book as dictated. Flossy then loves to write over the words, sounding them out as she does so, in her best handwriting, using a flowing pen.

The result of this has been an increase in the pace she is learning to read and an increase in her stamina when writing. Her hand muscles and fine motor skills have developed considerably and her confidence has soared.

Not a classic approach I grant you, but for Flossy it has allowed her to see her ideas realised and has reduced her level of frustration. Perhaps worth a go at home?

One thought on “Big girl writing

  1. Hi, it is so wonderful to have insight to your learning journey. When I’m trying to get ideas captured before I write, I use mind maps. As I don’t think in a linear fashion, the result often ends up with wierd drawings, arrows, colours and shapes. The girls may enjoy this as a form of artistic expression in its own right. Then, when the rush of ideas is over, they can write up their stories. X

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