Sensory writing

Flossy has an extraordinary vocabulary, her maths ability is intuitive and she regularly completed Year 2 maths even though she is in FS2. She is however, a very reluctant writer.

One way that we have been motivating her to write has been through taking a multi-sensory approach.

Flossy has always been highly sensory and is very tactile – she loves anything soft to hold, stroke or touch on her face. She loves smells and will seek out perfume to put on her sheets or soft toys and, so it seems, she enjoys writing in sand!
So, enter, beach handwriting.

We have been introducing her to cursive script starting with c, a, d and g then moving onto r, n, m.

She loves to practice the shapes using her shoulder and elbow while writing in the sand, We then move to large letters on paper that use the whole wrist before finally making the letters smaller so she is just using her fingers,

There has been a great improvement in her handwriting, but more importantly in her motivation to write. In just a few days she went from refusing to mark make without direct instruction to spontaneously writing a postcard!

We will be writing in yoghurt next – her favourite sensory food! Watch this space!

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