Risk taking

As a school leader I spent my entire career assessing risk, mitigating risk, documenting risk, etc. So it does not come easily to me to let children take risks…. unless they are my own children funnily enough.

Despite having three girls we seem to have some adrenaline seekers in our midst.

Freya has always been a climber and loves nothing more than being at the top of a tree.

Flossy is thrill seeker and loves to move fast in any way (even on her new skateboard which she is far from mastering).

Felicity as the third child thinks that she can do anything and everything that her older siblings can do, without the balance, stamina, strength or height often required.

So, as home schoolers, we are pretty OK with the girls taking appropriate risks, in fact we actively encourage it as long as they set some boundaries for themselves and know to stop if and when we do say stop.

The seaside setting we find ourselves in isolation in is perfect for measured risk taking, There are high sand banks to roll down towards jagged rocks, outcrops of rock to clamber over directly above the sea, and large waves coming ashore from the coast of Northern Africa to jump.

Looking back regularly over their shoulders, seeking approval and looking for reassurance the two older girls will often push their limits (and ours) as they try to see what they can achieve.

Sometimes there are tears, sometimes there are cries of elation, sometimes there are minor injuries, but always there is learning.

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