Adapting books to your child's age

While you are homeschooling you are limited to the number of books you have access to, as we have been for the past eight months. With three voracious readers in the caravan this has been a constant problem for us to try to overcome.

One way we do this is by rewriting text for some family favourites. This Nisan example of a book that Nick has rewritten using the key sounds that Flossy is learning in her phonics at the moment.

We use the same pictures from the book, but write a new, simpler story, using words that Flossy can or is learning to read. This way we using familiar content and context to support her so she can focus purely on the new learning we are focusing on.

This is also a way of making sure she is not simply reading from memory (she has an elephantine memory for stories) and convincing us that she is reading when she is simply recalling.

The next step will be for us to cover the words in the book and for Flossy to rewrite the story in her own words – more independent and less time consuming for you as parents.

Hope that helps – have a look and perhaps have a go at home?

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