At one with the weather

The weather is so interesting!

Admittedly if you live in a house you may not notice the smaller changes in the weather nor find them so fascinating. If you live in a caravan, made of thin metal, with only a small fan heater (cold) / fan (hot) then you become very aware of the weather at all times.

Being outside so much means that you spend a lot of time looking at the sky. WEather apps and weather channels are limited in their accuracy. The sky tells its own story and is quite clear about what it has planned most of the time!

The kids, always keen to get to the beach, have also taken a keen interest in the sky. They notice the wind, direction and force as it dictates whether the waves will be high. They notice the clouds in the sky; height, colour, speed of moving as they likely dictate whether there will be rain. They notice the temperature (usually about 5 minutes too late) as it dictates how many of layers they are comfortable in play outside for any given time taking part in any given activity.

It truly is fascinating. This week we could literally see the new area of low pressure moving towards us across the Mediterranean with a band of cloud leading the way. The laundry was brought in, the side of the awning was put up and the fan heater was unpacked in plenty of time for the cooler winds to blow through and for the inevitable rain to fall.

We have indoor activities planned for the rest of the week. Thank you sky! We may even learn the names of some clouds :0)

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