Science for beginners

It all started because Freya was interested in what I have been learning about in the evenings. I have signed up for a Permaculture Design Course online and have been studying most evenings.

Talking to Freya about soil and plants as we walk around the campsite and our wider location she was really keen to access similar information at her level. So, we have designed a unit of study based around her interests.

We have a beautiful encyclopaedia in the caravan with us called ‘The Encyclopedia of Life” which we bought when Freya told us she wanted to be a Marine Biologist. It has travelled with us all year and has been a constant source of interest and learning.

This week, we have been the ‘Life of Plants’ section every day!

  • We started with a review of what we know already.
  • We went on to list some of the things we would like to know more about
  • We made a blank book to record our learning
  • We looked at other non-fiction books to inform us how to lay out our work
  • We created a contents page, a title page and an introduction
  • We decided on our chapters and researched the content for each using headings, sub-headings, lists, bullet points, information boxes and annotated diagrams
  • We took apart flowers
  • We dug up roots
  • We planted seeds
  • We made recycled paper
  • We collected flowers from the meadow
  • We learnt about plants as medicine
  • We learnt about pollination
  • We learnt about photosynthesis

SO much fun, interest, vocabulary and learning to be had…. we aren’t even finished. Freya says she would like to look at trees next, then water plants before moving onto birds 🙂 This child led learning is lovely when you have such a curious child to work with and the time to give her to follow her interests.

See the school closures as a blessing not a curse, you will hopefully look back at these times as times to treasure….. eventually!

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