Recycling paper

As part of our plants unit of work Frey learnt that paper was made from trees, she also learnt that by recycling one ton of paper we would save the lives of 17 trees.

So, with the wet weather continuing we took to the awning to make some paper of our own.

With three little budding artists, packaging, and waste paper we have a lot of paper which we put in the recycling bins at the campsite. Rather than throwing all the paper away fro someone else to recycle we set about recycling it ourselves.

We tore the paper up into tiny pieces, added water then used the hand blender to make a pulp – no mess and very easy to do.

We don’t have sieve so, instead, we used the mesh cover that usually sits on the frying pan as a tool to remove the water from the pulp. Everyone took turns, and we turned it into a sensory experience for Flossy and Felicity too 🙂

Once the majority of the water was removed we left the paper pulp to dry.

Now, someone, no naming names, may have broken the resulting paper up into tiny pieces (Felicity!) however there were still enough pieces left for some writing and the big girls enjoyed writing on the rougher texture of their own home made paper.

Great fun, easy, no mess and good learning opportunities for the environment, plants and fine motor skill development.

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