Science at home – planting

The rain continues so we have carrying on with some indoor experiments here in Sicily that I thought might be of interest.

We are lucky that a man with a van does fruit and vegetable deliveries most days so we have a constant stream of fresh food to eat. Rather than composting all the scraps we have used some for some indoor experiments.

We shaved some seeds from strawberries, harvested some kiwi seeds, saved some melon seeds and burst a mouldy tomato to get some stock for planting.

Using some of the scraps of home made paper we had left along with an old cardboard egg box and some plastic container lids we created a greenhouse in our car!

The girls placed the seeds in the homemade planters, watered them and put them in the car to hopefully propagate! We will then use the left over soil from our soil experiment to plant out any seeds that germinate.

We only used recycled materials and what we had around to hand, including the food scraps, and had a really good and active discussion about what plants need to grow.

Hope it helps with some possible science at home for all of you.

Have a look at Rural Sprout’s website for some great ‘growing from scraps’ ideas.

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