Writing skills – Finger knitting

To be able to write for prolongued periods of time children need to have developed so many skills. Not least, they need strength and coordination in their shoulders, elbows and fingers to prevent fatigue.

As a parent, some activities that children do at school seem like just ‘play’, but there is nearly always a developmental purpose behind great early childhood learning experiences.

This winter, as we started to increase Freya’s stamina for writing, we also encouraged her to build up her hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and arm strength by teaching her how to finger knit! She just thought she was learning to make me a scarf :0).

Finger knitting can be done independently, can be extended to french knitting, can use scraps of yarn and can create beautiful finished pieces of work – as well as building up writing strength along the way.

Now that Freya has got more strength, has worked on her handwriting, and regularly uses ‘talk for writing’ to plan her work her writing has gone from strength to strength. So, if you need some down time during home schooling and feel that arts and crafts are not ‘academic enough’ consider some finger knitting safe in the knowledge that your child is developing their writing skills.

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