Reading aloud

Freya was not a confident reader at the beginning of this year. Her self-esteem had been knocked and it was a struggle to get her to read her school book everyday right until the last day in Dubai.

She has always loved being read to though!

Books are a comfort to her and you would often find her curled up flicking through the pages of a story when she had alone time.

We weren’t sure what the barrier was, but took a softly softly approach from the moment we started home schooling.

An easy entrance was to get her to ‘read’ some of her old favorites, which of course she knows almost by rote. We then built up to alternating pages of new books, books we know she would love, like Roald Dahl.

Finally we negotiated us just reading the ‘voices’ of the Characters (the BFG was a good start as so many words were made up).

Now she is reading both fiction and non-fiction books independently for love and interest. Often, she will read to her sisters and sometimes will read in her head curled up in her bed.

We thought we would celebrate by sharing her reading with the world. So here, in her book reading debut, is Freya reading Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson.

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