Reading comprehension resource

We have had lots of people getting in touch as they try to navigate their way through the first weeks of home schooling.

One area that has come up often has been supporting with reading at home.

The first thing to say, is that any kind of reading is positive. So please don’t beat yourself up!
Them reading to you, you reading to them, them reading to each other, them looking at books and not reading them, reading comics, reading instructions, reading websites, reading the sports pages, ANY READING IS GOOD!

If you do have time to do some guided reading with your child, where perhaps they are reading a book to you and you would like to focus on their understanding then here are some questions you can ask.

In addition, I have included some questions that can be used if and when the TV is on.

We all need a break sometimes, so a movie or an hour of TV can be one way to get the laundry done and get the dinner made. If this is the case, stay within earshot and make sure that the kids are actively watching rather than passively watching. This can be done by asking questions about what they are watching similar to when reading books and can ensure engagement and comprehension.

If you would like some guilt free TV try some book reading channels instead of CBeebies?

Storytime from space is where astronauts read books from the International Space Station

Storyline Online has famous celebrities reading books aloud on screen.

We also love audio books for this – no screen time, but some respite to be able to make dinner etc. Audible for kids is a great resource for this and they have released their catalogue for free.

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