Repurposing clothes

Linked to the finger knitting post from earlier this week, it has been great teaching the children to sew. As they grew out of thier clothes, many are passed down to the sister below them. Some items, however, are seemingly too precious to part with.

One such item is ‘marshmallow’.

Marshmallow is a fleece cardigan that Flossy has had since we were in Texas. I think it was second hand when we got it! It is pink with large white spots and is exactly the same colour as pink marshmallows, seemingly with white marshmallows all over it. She used to wear it when we were camping in the US and it becamed ‘marshmallow’ after she ate smores while wearing it.

It is age 3 and is WAY too small for her – but she simply could not let Felicity have it – it was far too precious. So, we repurposed it.

Using the arms to become shoulder straps and sewing up the bottom hem we turned it into a rucksack for Flossy to carry her soft toys around with her – on her scooter, on her bike, when walking – pretty much everywhere!

Unbeknown to Flossy, as she learnt to thread the needle, do a running stitch, start to master a blanket stitch and concentrated for well over an hour, she too was developing her writing skills 🙂 and we all got pleasure and a rucksack out of the learning.

The only problem? Now Freya and Felicity both want a rucksack too!

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