Geography in the woods

The girls love being outside! One of the recent activities they have started enjoying has been tracing the water source.

If you have read a few of our blogs you will know that I am studying a permaculture design course in the evenings, This means that inevitably I talk about my learning with the girls.

When we were exploring in Crete we spent some time in the Municipal Gardens – some images and videos can be found here.

There were waterways flowing through the grounds and Flossy really enjoyed tracking the water back to its source in the gardens., This was such a success that when ever we come across flowing water she is keen to follow the stream or river up stream to try to get to the water source – little does she know as yet how far that might be in the majority of cases!

As we are all spending so much time in doors at the moment and will be looking for reasons to get into nature I thought this may be a good time to share this as a simple idea.

In addition there are few really easy experiments you can do with running water:

  • pooh sticks at different distances from the bank – release sticks, or dog biscuits (not harmful to wildlife) into the river in the centre and near the banks of a flowing stream and time the rate they move – compare the speed of the river at different points
  • Measure the depth of the river from bank to bank and graph it in an upside down bar chart to show the bottom of the river in profile
  • collect rocks from different points in the river at set distances in the bank and measure their mass or their diameter at each point – graph this as an indicator of water flow

Hypothesise why all of these results may be the way they are?

We also measured the gerth of some of the larger trees using our bodies as the measuring tool as a non standard measure – this helped with language such as wider than, broader than, thicker than, narrower than, thinner than and slimmer than.

A lovely day in the woods with some great learning opportunities in the fresh air.

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