PE at home

Not every parent enjoyed PE – some even loathed the idea. All that communal changing and showering, sweaty PE kit in your bag all day and teenage body image worries.

Fortunately, our girls are too young to have developed any of these hand up s as yet, this doesn’t mean that the idea of a school style PE lesson is anyone’s idea of fun!

Nick, the notably more sporty parent, is great at getting them out and about kicking, hitting, throwing and catching (partly due to his cricketing background). So ball skills are part of every day life.

Imagine our surprise however when on her fifth birthday Freya asked for a skateboard – where did that come from!
Well now we have a second five year old and, you guessed it, two skateboards!
Neither of us feel particularly well equipped to teach board skills, however, lockdown has given us more time in the campsite than ever so – Skateboard PE it is!

Freya is pretty well balanced and can now steer so, she took on the role of teacher as Flossy donned her protective gear and took to the board for the first time, Fearless Flossy was soon plummeting down the slopped walkway towards the road on her belly forwards, backwards and upside down. Too scared to stand up for any length of time she still managed to thrill seek and give us mild heart attacks through her antics!

I woudn’t be surprised if they ended up as snowboarders looking at the pair of them.

Anyway – learning took place! Balance was perfected, friction was discussed, momentum and forcer were experimented with. Actions and equal and opposite reactions were discovered and much fun was had by all.

Perhaps the most fun PE lesson of their homeschooling experience so far?

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