Making pizza

I am sure this is not a new idea to many if you, but getting the kids involved with cooking is a great way to fill the hours at home, learn about nutrition and also get some maths into your home schooling schedule.

We regularly involve the kids with weighing and measuring when cooking, they love it, and even with the tiny space we have it is possible to include them with activities much of the time.

They, of course, love pizza. As I am vegan due to my autoimmune disease we:

– make the pizza dough from scratch

– use home made ‘nomato’ sauce

– vegan cheese

– toppings of choice from a healthy selection (some meat for the girls occasionally)

It is a great opportunity to do fractions, weighing, measuring, sharing, yeast discussion, food pyramid discussion etc.

So, if you haven’t already have a go. Wraps can be a great alternative for the pizza bases and Nutella can be a fun dessert version?

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