Giving power to the children

There is a lot going on in everyone’s days right now, so it is more important than ever that children have some sense of independence, choice and control.

When we as parents are stressed and under pressure we are more likely to get tighter on the things we can control, as a way to try and manage our own anxiety.

A possible result of this is children having less and less autonomy.

One way that we try to combat this is by giving some ownership over to the girls where it is appropriate. We let them choose the focus of their non-fiction reading and writing, we let them choose the family reading book and we let them choose their ‘break time’ activities.

One way we have done this is through making ‘fortune tellers’ as we used to have at school? Where you fold a square piece of paper to make a pyramid that sits on your fingers….

Well if you never made one, Freya will demonstrate hers in a moment.

She drew an illustration under each of the eight possible boxes of things she would like to do when she had earned a ‘break time’ for great work – typically after each subject or 45 minutes or so.

Both she and Flossy love having some control over their destinies so the fortune tellers feature often and get remade time and time again (with Flossy pushing her luck with ‘watch a movie’ and such like). A great way of handing back some control in a measured way?

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