Paper folding for fine motor skills

The girls found a great paper folding activity on a Facebook post that had been forwarded to us as a homeschooling resource. You may have seen the video – it started with drawing around hands in various positions and turning the drawings into animals. They loved the animal making, but as they persevered and made it to the end of the video there was a paper folding activity that allowed you to make a gymnast who could do a variety of different poses.

Freya was desperate to make the man!
Her first attempt was with A4 paper, and she couldn’t make the right shape with the folding. She soon realised that she needed a square piece of paper rather than a rectangle.

Her second attempt had her draw her gymnast off centre. This resulted in the legs and arms not moving correctly and the gymnast becoming dismembered.

Her third attempt was much more successful and she was so very proud of her finished gymnast that she showed him off repeatedly to Flossy…. meaning I had to make Flossy one to match. Female, so that we had some gender balance in the paper gymnast olympic team 🙂
While on the face of it this looks like a fun activity, there is actually a lot of learning going on.

Freya had to follow instructions very carefully to be able to complete the different folds required.

She had to show great dexterity with her fingers to make sure that the folds were completed correctly and with firm edges.

Her resilience was truly tested as she had to go through several iterations before proving successful.

Her patience took a final hit when her sister was simply handed a finished product!

Good fun to do at home, no cost and lots of learning.

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