Art in the style of

When school sends home an art project some parents’ blood runs cold!

Nick, despite being Early Years trained as a teacher, has a glitter phobia. Not for environmental reasons as you might think, he just cant stand the stuff because it gets everywhere!

He may have a GCSE in Art, but when it comes to arts and crafts the ball usually lies firmly in my court.

This activity was, however, even approved of by him.

One of the objectives in the Art curriculum is to learn about the work of a range of artists and recreate their own art inspired by this.

We have a limited library in the caravan, but as you can imagine smaller books are appealing as they take up less space – as a result we have quite a few Mister Men books. We set Freya the challenge of studying Roger Hargreaves artwork and recreating some of her own.

Not only that, but she went on to make some characters from her recent creative writing work (The Seabird and the Vet) out of modelling clay so that she could act out her story using her artwork as the back drop. A great child led extension to what was already a fun arts and crafts activity (that only requires felt tip pens – thanks Roger).

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