Learning to read

We are teaching Flossy to read.

She has learnt her initial sounds – we love using Geraldine Giraffe to help with that. You can find videos on how to teach phonics in Mr Thorne’s You Tube channel: https://youtu.be/WaxZN4BZjgc

We then moved onto books and have worked through the Read with Biff Chip and Kipper levels 1-3 which we had bought while in Greece (with a postal address). We used the First Stories pack and Phonics pack available on Amazon, from Scholastic and EBay .

Now however she is beyond all of this and we have no access to new books.

So, Nick is rewriting family favorites at the same level.

We use this Read Write Inc checklist to work through the sounds:

Nick introduces the new sounds and any tricky words before starting the book.

They then read the new book using the new text with the existing pictures. In this case Handa’s surprise.

Here is Nicks first page of text:

Flossy wouldn’t let me video her reading so I had to go incognito 🙂

She is enjoying it so much and has come on so far, a great way to use what you have at the right level. Hope it helps?

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