Teaching early number facts

We are teaching Felicity her numbers and at the same time are teaching Flossy her number bonds to 10 and Freya her number bonds to 20 and 100.

Being short of resources we made our own bead strings out of beads, bracelet twine and clasps.

This was a fun fine motor skill itself to start with and have the girls ownership over their learning tools in the first instance.

We are now using these with Felicity for one to one correspondence (touching each bead and saying the numbers in order).

Flossy is learning g her number bonds to ten using the ten bead bead string.

We also have a 20 string and 100 string to use our number work with Freya. I’ll post about that separately.

Have a go at making your own bead strings and using them to support early number work, hope it helps.

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