Purposeful painting

I’ve said before that art lies firmly in my department in the family. Not because Nick is t a great artist, he is. Not because he doesn’t like arts and crafts, he does, he just can’t stand the mess!

This I get!

When getting the paints out in a school we always talk about rules first:

  • How we care for paint brushes
    • Dont leave the bristle down in water
    • Clean them after each use in the water pot
    • dry them on some tissue
    • Place on table until next use
  • how we care for colors
    • Only use a clean brush
    • Mix in mixing palette not in the paint pot
  • Nothing is the same color as the paint in the pot so always mix to get the right ahade
  • Always draw on pencil first
  • Background is the first to be painted, then dry
  • middle ground then dry
  • Then fine details
  • Always use a brush the right size for the job
  • always clean up after ourselves
  • Always use a table cloth
  • Always wear an apron

So, since painting at home, we have started using the same rules.

Also, where as before getting the paints out was a free for all and any picture went, now we are painting with purpose.

When the paints, or felt too pens, or coloring pencils come out it is to do some of more specific and often with a learning focus.

This week I showed them how to paint a seascape and they had a go at recreating blending, brush strokes and colors.

Less messy, more learning and some good outcomes.

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