Getting smaller and smaller

We have a lot, and I mean A LOT of role play in our house!

The girls are constantly personifying every day items, making up tales and stories with soft toys, creating drama with their playmobil creatures and constructing worlds in LEGO and recycled materials.

All of this we strongly encourage, particularly at the moment, as the girls play out their worries, fears, nerves and concerns through their play.

We have had lots of virus games, some hospitals, nurses, doctors and people needing looking after in the recent stories.

This week, a family of tiny cats were created and were locked down near the beach. They were very sad that they couldn’t go and play in the sea, so instead made indoor playgrounds and assault courses to keep themselves fit and busy 🙂 very apt.

The cats were made with modeling clay and were joined by animal families of various species in the pretend caravan park!

The plasticine figures were so small! There were push chairs, beds, skateboards, tables and chairs all in tiny scale.

Great fun, brilliant for managing their stress and anxiety, very good small motor skill development and wonderful imagination.

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