Copying older siblings

Freya’s work on her ‘Birds’ unit is coming along beautifully.

It has been lovely seeing her following her passions and interests over the past week.

Once the unit is finished we will share it here.

An unexpected side effect of Thai work has been Flossy’s spontaneous ‘want’ to write. One aspect in particular captured Flossy’s interest.

We were learning about migration and read that the Arctic Tern flies from one pole to the other to follow the arctic summer.

Flossy created her own book to write in and made a page with an illustration of the Arctic Tern.

The next day, she write about the Golden Plover and added an illustration showing the magnetic field of the Earth used for navigation by migrating birds.

Now, nowhere in the Reception/FS2 curriculum is there a unit on birds (nor in Y2 for that matter) but we let the learning run as it was clearly of so much interest to both the girls and the outcomes have been well above age expectations as a result.

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