Early writing

Felicity is becoming quite the artist.

Both the other girls love drawing and they see adding an illustration to their writing as a great treat!

As a result, Felicity sees a lot of drawing and mark making taking place by all members of the family, adults and children alike.

We always give her paper and a pen when the older girls are doing their work so that she feels as though she is part of the learning.

This week, while I was working with Freya on her handwriting I glanced over and saw our two year old drawing on the white board.

‘It’s a baby’ she told me. I took a picture and casually asked her to draw the baby’s daddy, going back to work with Freya.

When I looked back this is what she had drawn.

He looks a bit sad I’ll grant you, but what a super picture…. I may need to stop giving her ‘keep her busy’ activities and may need to start art classes 🙂

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