Card writing

There is ways a reason to write a card, well at least there always seems to be in our house!

This week we have made ‘Sorry’ cards (after Flossy stood on my injured foot), ‘Get well soon’ cards (following the accident when I injured my foot), ‘Thank you’ cards for local residents for the the ginger they lent us.

Flossy version of Freya’s card

And that is just this week!

Flossy has seen these opportunities as a great reason to put her new writing skills to good effect.

Freya’s card

As she has wanted to write we have followed her interest and simply encouraged her, helping when asked.

‘This is a hope you get better
I love you’

Until a couple of weeks ago she didn’t write at all, so this is such a change for us, but such a positive one, the impact on her confidence has been brilliant and her handwriting and spelling are improving all the time.

This was her most recent handwriting exercise – great progress Flossy! Just shows what a difference a daily practice (almost) and consistent approach can do. Loving the choice to focus on cursive script.

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