Daddy takes over

So, I’ve had an accident!

While tending our little garden plot with Flossy I was heroically saving our lentil seedlings by stopping Flossy from standing in them, when I lost my balance.

I fell forward, tripped, lost my flip flop and stood on a bamboo root. I impaled my foot and had to have field surgery by the paramedics at the front of the caravan!

Eight stitches (I have now counted them) with out anesthetic or any pain relief 😦

I have photos but they are not for the faint hearted so will only send on request!

I am laid up for the next three weeks with my injured foot above my hip hopefully healing and fighting off infection.

Nick has therefore taken on all outdoor learning!

The girls are living the new focus in PE 🙂

Nick is studying in the evenings to be a personal trainer and now has three new guinea pigs to work on.

So every day there is a combination of Joe Wicks workouts, Cosmic Kids Yoga and Daddy’s personal training plan:

– core development for Freya to help her skateboarding

– cardio for Flossy so we all get some rest

– gross motor skills for Felicity to improve her accident prone tendancies

I get to watch from the caravan window and laugh along.

Always a silver lining!

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