Number bonds to 20 and 100

We are trying to increase Freya’s confidence with her maths. She is now an avid reader (three months focus up to Christmas) and an Increasingly confident writer (focus January to March) so while maintains both of these streams of progress we have now moved onto filling the gaps in her knowledge and understanding in maths.

We spotted some inconsistencies in her work and have been tracking back until we could identify the source of the problem.

It seems that she has not got secure number sense of place value – she doesn’t know what the position of the digits in a number really means. 21 is a 2 and a 1 rather than a 20 and a 1. 15 is sometimes read as fifty one, or fifty rather than fifteen.

So, we have started where she is.

We have been:

  • Playing top trumps (more and less than)
  • Playing homemade board games (one and two dice for mental addition)
  • Counting in 1s 5s and 10s
  • Learning about arrays so she can see how many objects a number represents
  • Using scales and measurements in cooking over and over again to see the increase in larger numbers
  • Started looking at the bead strings again as number lines.

When doing calculations we had been using the ruler as a number line – this works really well with some children (Flossy included) but Freya just seems the digits not the ‘amount t’ that the number represents.

Enter our 10, 20 and 100 bead strings.

She can then count in 5s to 20 and see what 20 looks like, count in 10s to 100 and feel what a 100 looks like and start to use them to work out her calculations.

We will update you on how she gets on.

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