Cardboard village

We have been doing Mo Willems lunchtime doodles – if you haven’t seen them, they are great fun! Take a look on YouTube.

One of the episodes showed Mo with a model village he had made for a book he wrote. The village features in the illustrations and was made from cardboard boxes.

We have been collecting our recycling for weeks so had lots of boxes we could repurpose.

We quickly realized that we needed to turn the boxes inside out if we wanted to draw on them.

So, we deconstructed then reconstructed all the boxes and started making our village.

Admittedly…. I ended up doing most of the making and initial work. The layout and role play was more the girls area of interest.

Freya did most of the coloring in, Flossy did some too – particularly the ferry which she named the ‘ferry of hope’ traveling from Bali to England!

So much fun!

We made bushes and trees and they got their cars and trucks to populate the town.

Nick got involved with train making too.

They have now moved the village indoors and want to make clay people…. there may be an animation in the making… watch this space!


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