Our bird project

Following the girls’ interests has made home learning so much easier. We check back to the curriculum objectives to ensure coverage across the curriculum. With the prior learning check we can help with direction and make sure that the girls are experiencing a broad curriculum.

Freya has a beautiful book called Them Encyclopedia do Life’ whigh we bought for her when she announced she wanted to be a marine biologist.

It has chapters about most life on earth, past and present, and is so inspirational for the girls when they want to find a science focus.

This past few weeks birds have been our focus.

My injured foot has me at that many of the activities have had to be sat down rather than active – as we usually work

None the less with Freya we have:

  • Completed a prior learning review ‘what we know’
  • Made a kind map of ‘what we want to know’
  • Used this to plan the unit of learning coverage
  • Here is her project book.

We use any spelling she has struggled with as her handwriting practice- this worked well as a focus, but I’m not sure it helped with her spelling.

Flossy has been joining us when she has heard or seen something she was interested in.

She was fascinated by migration and the magnetic field around the Earth used by birds to navigate. She created her own mini book containing the information she collated, her illustrations and emergent writing.

It will be interesting where they want to go next… we are thinking a Geography unit?

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