A bit of perspective

All of the girls have a natural artistic ability that we have been able to foster while homeschooling. Their ‘go to’ break activity is always something crafty, whether it be drawing, modelling clay, Lego or cutting and sticking. The awning is a constant mess as we battle to store their projects respectfully for as long as possible!

We have been doing a lot of illustrating thanks to the amazing Mo Willems and fabulous Rob Biddulph, however I wanted to make sure that they also had some classical art input too.

Freya was interested in some of the backgrounds I have been designing on the iPad for Kate’s Cute Cards, by hobby side business, (shameless link here)

I used this as an enticement into some more formal art lessons. We started with some basic perspective, using a horizon (linked to maths for horizontal and Geography for horizon) and then added the vanishing point. We drew some rough lines as our guidelines and then sketched out a basic background.

Freya included a road, a cliff and a beautiful rainbow into hers, certainly worth us revisiting and perhaps doing some city scapes and other landscapes.

Flossy had a go on the iPad in my Paper365 app and also produced some scenes with aspects of perspective included, an amazing first attempt for a 5 and 6 year old. My Year 7’s struggled with some of these basic concepts.

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