Yes, but where are you from?

This is a question that stops our kids in their tracks, they have no idea where they are from.

If you ask them where they were born, they can answer.

If you ask them where they live, Freya recently answered, “everywhere”.

But if you ask them where they are from they are thrown.

There is no real answer to this question, and may not be for some time, but we used the repeated asking of it as a way into a Geography unit that in most ways also covered the KS1 curriculum for Freya.

We started by finding out about where they were born. Freya and Flossy were both born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Neither of them remember much about it, but through the miracle of modern smart phones there are no end of photographs to share of KL, Malacca, Penang and everywhere else in-between, along with all the beautiful places we travelled to over the five years we lived there.

The girls decided what they wanted to learn about and we explored language, food, religion, location and climate. They loved it.

Next we moved onto Texas, where Felicity was born, learning about the State, the United States, reviewing our camping trips, reading about the history of Texas being a country for 9 years and trying to recall what we could about living there. Freya and Flossy had a lot of food memories interestingly!

Next, we looked at Dubai and Crete, our two most recent places of abode, and used these as a compare and contrast focus (sort of as is to be covered in the UK) where the climate, religion, location, habitation and industry were compared against two very different parts of the world. Freya really enjoyed this and revelled in the recent experiences of both places as she put her own context onto the learning.

Finally we had a look at the UK and the World in general covering the oceans, continents, UK countries and capital cities in a nod to the KS1 curriculum. It was great to be able to base the learning on what they had known first hand and then extrapolate out to the wider world. What an enriching few years they have all had on this Earth, it really made me reflect on the incredible experiences they have had and how we need to keep the memories fresh for them some how.

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