People who changed the world

Having completed our Geography unit I reviewed our Year 2 learning objective assessment sheet to see where we were up to in our curriculum coverage for Freya. There was one glaring omission – History.

Now, that is not to say that we have not taught any History, we have studied a huge amount about both the Ancient Greeks and the Romans thanks to our immersion in the culture of both Greece and Italy.

We have not however covered the KS1 curriculum for what it is worth.

So, for the first time we explored the new daily lessons available on BBC Bitesize for resources connected to the curriculum. As always, I involved Freya in the decisions about what to study – in typical Fuller fashion she was not at all interested in the People recommended to be studied – rather she wanted to delve into Ancient Egypt, from the KS2 curriculum!
Not wanting to dampen the future archaeologist’s passions we agreed that we would do a day on, day off, the Egyptians and would interspersed the KS2 curriculum with some people of interest. We have called the unit ‘People who changed the world’.

So far the compromise is working. We spent a wonderful hour or two learning all about Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights Movement, segregation, racism and peaceful protests. Felicity drew a lovely bus – at her level, Flossy retold the story in her own words and Freya used notes to create a chronological report of the events complete with illustration.

True to my word, we then followed this the next day by delving into Ancient Egypt and starting our learning about the 3000 year history of this ancient civilisation. We are developing some questions to form our inquiries and have already got some interesting ideas around creating our own papyrus and making pens from reeds. Freya has been constructing pyramids out of ‘Bananagram’ tiles while Flossy is of course fascinated by mummification.

I think it may be a long unit ahead!

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