Jumping through a maths hoop

We have never lived in the UK, and the Freya has probably spent a total of about 12 weeks in the UK in her life. This has never been so apparent as when we needed to learn about money this week!
Now, to be fair to her, I have not spent time focusing on measurement with Freya in our maths lessons as, given her challenges with understanding place value, it seemed ridiculous to confuse her by introducing millimetres, centimetres, metres, kilometres, millilitres, litres, pounds and pence.

Now that we are getting closer to returning to the UK, lockdown dependent, it seemed that perhaps introducing her to pounds and pence could be a good idea.

We created our own money from cereal packets, including exploring the properties of heptagons! We used BBC Bitesize as an introduction to the concept of money and then supported this learning with some of the printed out worksheets that Granny Caz printed for us from Mathletics.

As anticipated, the place value of money proved challenging.

  • Why do we show the zero of the second decimal place for money, but not for other numbers?
  • Why do we use the ‘p’ sign when we are writing pence but not when we write pounds and pence.
  • When we get to 100 why do we then move to before the decimal point…. so many inconsistencies with the other place value learning we have been doing!

Anyway, we have started, I think we are far from secure and will need more consolidation, particularly once we can get our hands on some actual British money. The trusty abacus once again came into it’s own as we explored counting in 10s, 20s, 50s etc.

We counted in 2s then saw the pattern when counting in 20s

We counted in 5s and then saw the pattern when counting in 50s

We counted in 10s and 100s and checked our understanding.

We got stuck when we had a variety of coins that required us to count in say 20s then 2s, or 50s and then 10s. Eg. 50p +50p + 50p +50p + 10p +10p. The crossing of the boundary into pounds and then counting in pence again was tricker – so more to work on here. But a good start!

Watch this space for more to come.

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