Rob Biddulph has quickly become our favourite illustrator. Despite never having read any of his books, his lovely child appropriate videos that come out twice per week have got the whole family hooked!

Whether it is the way he scaffolds the learning so effortlessly that even Felicity at just two can follow along, or whether it is his self deprecating manner, perhaps it is his repetition of ‘tips’ in each video or perhaps it is the adorable characters you create with him…. I don’t know, but he is enchanting.

We have ploughed through the back catalogue and now eagerly await his Facebook post each Tuesday and thursday announcing his next #drawwithRob video is live to view.

Last week Flossy appeared on ‘The Grid’ the board of randomly selected artwork to showcase some of the thousands of drawings that are submitted to him after each session. She was OVER THE MOON.

In true Fuller girl fashion the illustrating has not stopped just with the videos. Freya, so as to practice her new skills, drew all of the characters again in a group together to send to Rob.

Flossy has created her own ‘draw with Flossy’ video which we sent to our friends in Dubai to try to draw along to.

Felicity has come on leaps and bounds in her penmanship and is now drawing characters that are clearly people despite only turning 2 in October (we are as surprised as you are I can assure you…. its not a fluke, she does it again and again!).

So, if we every do need some extra money I think that writing and illustrating children’s books with the kids for self publishing is becoming a very real prospect 🙂

To extend them I have introduced them to comic strips to try to tell their stories visually and combine some wiring, Flossy did have a go with mixed results.

Perhaps next we can use a comic strip idea to do a story board for their characters and write a story as a play script…. watch this space.

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