Making music with Mr Evans

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing human beings. Teachers, teaching assistants, admin staff, support staff, phenomenal people all round. There have been some stinkers too, but I tend not to stay in touch with them!
Mr Evans and I met in London one January while we were recruiting for Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur. He was a tall gentle soul with a passion for music and a wicked sense of humour, we got on immediately.

Almost a decade later we are still in touch and, as he embarks on a new role in the US, (which he is currently facilitating through distance learning from the UK) he has been sending us some ideas through to teach the children music.

On a side note, I have often said that my teaching career may have taken a very different turn had I been inspected teaching music at any time…. I relied heavily on the book provided by the school, which came with a CD thank goodness, some pre- learning, a lot of enthusiasm and a loud and tuneless singing voice. So…. to have someone to outsource my music lessons to is a dream come true!

Mr Evans, also known as Dean, has provided some amazing ideas and resources to us and the girls have been very excited to delve into a new and as yet relatively unexplored world.

Flossy and Felicity were certainly more into the games, songs and general noise making, but Freya really showed some dedication, interest and talent.

We made tuned (ish) and untuned instruments out of anything we could find in the recycling. I created a score of sorts for Freya to rehearse and she dutifully created ‘music’ on her guilin (guitar violin).

We used some of the video clips of them experimenting and noise making for a secret squirrel project that is going on (can’t tell you or I would have to kill you) but hopefully their tuneful banging rattling and laughter will bring joy to one and all who see the video clips.

Perhaps Nick’s musical genes will supersede mine we can claim a musician in our midst after all.

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