Car wars

As Freya has become increasingly confident with her number work I thought it was time to move onto some data handling (statistics) so that she could apply her new knowledge to some ‘real’ life contexts.

We created a competition between some of her toy cars – which car would make it to the end of the sloped walkway to the shower block first. She had a hypothesis which we tested once, she was right.

I wondered aloud whether the orange car would always win… she thought it would and I proposed it wouldn’t. We then set about to see who was right – I know, cunning!

Using playground chalk we set up a frequency table and made sure that the test was ‘fair’ by using my crutches as a starting gun and Felicity as our judge at the finishing line.

We carried out the same experiment 20 times and recorded the results. We learnt (re-learned) about tacky charts and frequency. Freya’s car was nearly always the winner – but not every time.

We used our tally chart to create a pictogram and talked about how we could fit all the pictures of her winning car in given that our space was too small – this allowed us to create a key where each picture of a car was worth two wins.

Pictogram complete we then did a bar chart showing the same results so that they could be compared.

We had a lovely afternoon in the sun, had great fun with the races, kept Felicity amused and created some great floor art for the other campers to ponder over. And of course, the maths was pretty good too!

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