Yes, that’s right, it’s Flossy’s

Freya gets a lot of blog time, far more than Felicity or Flossy, because she is in Year 2 and therefore has more ‘learning’ time with us.

Having children in more than one year group is pretty tricky when home schooling, particularly when they are all still so young. One adult is pretty much constantly on ‘keep Fliss occupied’ duty leaving the other adult with the two older girls.

Now, if they were a little more independent and a bit older I am sure it would be easy to set one off on an independent task while the other worked with me. However, whenever this happens what the other person is doing (be it the independent work or the work with the adult) always appears to be more interesting than what ever the other person is doing! Its just not worth the arguments.

As a result we tend to either have to have one girl reading to Daddy and Fliss while the other works with me, or teach them both at the same time and differentiate as you go.

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, apart from the fact that Flossy is always in one of two moods –

1) I can do it as well as Freya if not better, just let me show you (then she does) OR

2) I don’t want to do anything, I’m only just 5, you are torturing me by making me sit at a table

We are of course never sure which of these Flossy’s we will get.

The work in today’s blog was from a session where Flossy was in phase 1. She created a whole page of Miximal illustrations (combining more than one animal to make a new creature) and then went on to spontaneously write about them!

The writing is clearly from a child in Reception, FS2 for some of you) but the quality of the illustrations blew me away – Nick even thought they belonged to Freya the resident artist. So, when zone 1 is in play, there is no stopping her. Well done Flossy….

~I wonder which version will show up tomorrow?

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