Freya’s chapter book

Now that Freya has a more confident hand writing style, her imagination is more easily conveyed through writing. She is still more interested in drawing than writing, and reading than writing but she no longer complains when it is time to communicate through the written word… particularly if it is something she wants to write about.

We have been focusing on non-fiction writing for a while now with science, geography and history being our reading and writing focus. Freya’s creativity has been calling for an outlet and the other morning she set about drawing a series of amusing pictures based around some well developed characters – Robin and Mildred.

Now, Robin and Mildred (who has green hair like grass) are on their honeymoon having recently been married. They have travelled to Malaysia with their three dogs and are beset by a series of unfortunate events, from which only their devoted dogs can save them.

Its brilliant!
She has written about three chapters so far and draws the content before she writes it. We are trying to use the passion to slip in some grammar and punctuation here and there as well as some interesting structures for sentences, but honestly, it is so lovely to see her writing independently and passionately I am reluctant to correct a single word.

What a joy… something is working after all. Hope you enjoy the first few chapters.

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