BBC resources

Ok…. I never want to be cynical and vowed that as a teacher I would leave the profession before I became an educational cynic, but confession time, I was a bit cynical about the resources that would be created for the Daily Lessons by the BBC.

I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

Unlike many families we had been home schooling for some time prior to the lockdown and schools closing so we had already planned out what we would do for maths and English loosely speaking over the year. It wasn’t these subjects I was drawn to therefore when I logged on to BBC Bitesize.

It was the areas where we have least knowledge and/or expertise.

The girls have really enjoyed the History and Geography resources and have reveled in being allowed to watch the short video clips that often accompany the units. This week we continued with our learning linked to ‘people who changed the world’ and wrote a fact file from notes about Marie. Iris.

The content was age appropriate, engaging, interesting, long enough to get a flavor of the impact Mme. Curie has had on the science world and the inroads she made for women into the world of science.

The girls enjoyed it…. Flossy was fascinated by Pierre’s premature death and intrigued by what radiation poisoning would do to your body…. while Freya was shocked that anyone could possibly think a woman couldn’t be a competent scientist 100 years ago.

Bravo BBC, we will be back!

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