Historians in the making

Hot off the back of learning about some significant figures from history, Freya requested some time looking at Egyptians.

Having not taught the Egyptians, I went in search of age appropriate resources.

Epic, an online book resource which we have a free trial for, had some lovely books, both fiction and non-fiction that Freya could read mostly independently.

We then looked at the history resources on BBC Bitesize and follows links to some great reenactment videos about ancient Egypt.

These were great to pique the girls interest… however Freya was surprised that they had cameras 5000 years ago and could record what was happen Wong… clearly I had missed a basic concept of chronology, so that was a side route we had to explore briefly.

We made a plan about what else we wanted to learn about and I have more research to do tonight, but a good start and some super resources identify.

One thought on “Historians in the making

  1. My goodness Freya what brilliant work……excellent writing and really great pictures too. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt……perhaps we can fix up a trip when you are older…what do you think? X

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