Making papyrus

While looking at the impact the Ancient Egyptians had on our lives Freya was fascinated to learn that they had invented paper and wrote using hieroglyphics.

Even more interesting was the idea that they wrote on plants. “Could we make some papyrus?” She asked… well, we always give anything a go.

With no actual idea what papyrus looked like I initially shelved this activity for , ‘when I get round to working out how to do it’ stage..

Then, while making leek and potato soup, as you do, I had a closer look at the leek leaves. Having recruited Freya, We peeled off a couple of the outer leaves and discusses what might need to happen for them to become something we could write on.

We decided on drying them in the line and seeing what happened.

A couple of days later they were much drier and not as brittle as I expected. We did a test and the surface held the ink pretty well.

Freya was keen to have a go and decided to write her name in hieroglyphics on one of the sheets.

It worked pretty well! Certainly made us want to make a reed pen next…

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