Dr Martin Luther King

The girls are really immersed in their history learning. Flossy is finding the Egyptians a bit too abstract as the time difference appears to just be too great for her to hook the learning onto present day.

So, we took a break from the Egyptians returned to BBC Bitesize to see what inspired us.

Learning about Rosa Parks and racism has really fascinated the girls. because they have been brought up as expatriates and as guests in other peoples countries they are completely colour blind. They have friends of all races and religions all over the globe so the fact that the world used to be (and arguably still is) institutionally racist was a huge shock to them.

They chose to study Dr Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement off the back of this.

Learning about Dr Kings’s motivation being the future lives of his children really made the learning personal for them. They could see how a parent wanted the world to be fair for their family.

Once again Flossy was very concerned about Dr King’s assassination and wanted more details while Freya didn’t want to write about this at all, rather choosing to focus on the positives. Really inspiring to see their sense of injustice. Long may it continue.

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