Potty training

…. will it is learning after all!

Is there a right time? Is there a right method? How old should your child be? Should you use pull ups? Straight to the big toilet or use a potty? Stay home or carry on as normal?

So many unanswered questions!

There is no right or wrong way!

All three of our girls were completely different, we’re dry at different times, were dry in the night after different gaps and prove that there is no one answer!

Partly fueled by financial constraints we decided to try to get Fliss out of nappies.

We got the potty out about a month ago and started leaving it around and talking about it.

We also started really obviously Prado good toileting behavior by the big sisters.

Then, when the weather forecast suggested a eeek of sunshine (essential for drying out accidents) we went for it!

We moved all activities out into the awning so clean up wouldn’t effect our bed!

We recruited two big sisters for support and motivation (they get a treat too when a number two is done in the potty).

She has been amazing!

For some reason extrinsic motivation has really been her thing and, as we don’t let them have many sweets and treats, the thought of a fruit suit for every wee and a chocolate for every poo was sufficient to get her going.

She has only had one accident in six days! (Touching wood right now).

She took great pride sitting on her potty on the beach, at Zia Carol’s house, during movie night, in the awning and pretty much anywhere else.


She is so good we forget to ask her and the first we know of any movement is a smiling face and an exclamation is need a sweetie’ as she proudly shows us her potty!

Now that lockdown is being lifted in Italy from June 3rd she may have some big tests on long drives, but couldn’t be prouder of her go get it attitude 🙂

Sister solidarity

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